Analysis Tools

Misurvey Media Measurement

The Ghanaian media landscape is experiencing rapid growth at a constantly dynamic pace. It is often the case though that the diverse media in the country is often poorly-researched, hindering brands, media agencies and outlets to develop strategies and implement campaigns based on obsolete information, risking valuable advertising budget.

Xavier Media through its polling tool – miSurvey offers an alternative. With over two decades experience in fast, efficient and accurate delivery of daily data insights, 365 days a year. Our panel-based mobile surveys collect audience measurement data for TV, radio, and print.

Let MiSurvey data establish next-day ratings, analyze campaign performance in real-time, or target key audiences.


Our ratings are conducted on a monthly basis with panel members who reside in the regions and issue via a quarterly report. This service is available only in the regions listed below;

  • Greater Accra
  • Ashanti
  • Western
  • Central
  • Eastern
  • Northern


Our television audience measurement is based on ratings from a pre-selected & pre-qualified panel of 2000 viewers. These viewers are demographical representation of the Ghanaian population with readily available LSM segmentation. Audience measurement ratings are collected every half hour between the hours of 3 – 10 pm daily. Ratings are supported by a monthly random poll to ascertain the panel information and validated using GRP for client campaign evaluation.


Written media ratings are done on a quarterly basis and conducted through a nationwide panel of 1000 participants. Print media is separated into daily, monthly and online category rating the top four in each category. The ratings provided by the panel are supported by a quarterly poll to validate the monthly ratings received.


  • Filter data by demographics and psychographics, and perform advanced analysis using our Cross-Tabulation feature.
  • Segment data by geographic location, including media topography.
  • View data for specific date ranges, time of day, days of the week, or roll-up data for increased sample sizes.


  • Automatically analyzes time slots to find the best and most cost-effective opportunities for advertising.
  • Optimize for low cost, or target key demographics, such as youth viewers.
  • Automated calculation of Gross Ratings Points (GRP).
  • Easily exportable report allows users to buy ads from created plans.
  • Media planners have the ability to customize rate card costs and agency discounts.


  • Performance of ad slots displayed the day after they run.
  • Actual audience reach, GRP, cost per point, and CPM calculations.
  • Ability to bulk import media plans to miSurvey's dashboard.
  • Export reports to Excel for additional analysis.
  • Supports integration with external media monitoring services.